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All-Round Teammate

UX/UI Designer | Product Designer | Web Developer

Matthew Croft



Bachelor of Arts, Integrated Marketing Communications

John Carroll University, Cleveland 


UX/UI Bootcamp Certification

Northwestern University, Chicago



UX Web Designer

Great Conversations


Regional Sales Manage



Sales Development Representative Team Lead



Marketing Intern


Strong Knowledge

Grid & Layout, Typography, Color Theory, Photography & Image editing, Infographic, UX/UI & Wireframe, Interface Design, Responsive Web Design, platforms, Prototyping, User Research, Collaboration, Product Management, User Journeys, Information Architecture, Empathy, User Personas

My Process

When it comes to the UX/UI design process, I approach it with a blend of creativity and user-centric thinking. My philosophy is simple: design should not only be visually appealing but also function seamlessly to enhance the user's experience. I kickstart the process by immersing myself in thorough research and understanding the target audience, and their needs. This helps me create a solid foundation for my designs. Sketching and wireframing are my next steps, where I bring ideas to life and structure the layout, ensuring a clear and intuitive flow. I'm a firm believer in the power of feedback, and I always encourage collaboration and critique, both from team members and end-users. It's this feedback loop that enables me to refine and iterate, pushing the design towards perfection. I love to stay updated with the latest design trends and technologies, which helps me incorporate fresh ideas into my work. Ultimately, my approach to UX/UI design is a harmonious blend of empathy, aesthetics, and functionality, with a dash of continuous improvement.

Design Skills

Figma | Photoshop | Premiere Pro | Procreate | Illustrator | Invision | XD |  Indesign | Sketch | Principle | Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS, Javascript) | Microsoft Office

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